A new paradigm in astrology

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Monique Leurink is the founder of Zintobeing Diamond Astrology, a growing platform where more and more students all over the world learn Diamond Astrology. Many people wonder what meaning and purpose they have in their adventure on planet earth. Diamond Astrology cannot only tell you what your Personal Purpose is, but also what your unique Universal Purpose is. Besides the special themes and qualities of your Personality, Diamond Astrology reveals the ins and outs of your Cosmic Identity as part of your Essential Self in an incomparable way. The unique Cosmic Birth Channel is the starting point of the unfolding process of your Cosmic Identity, up to and including the process of crystallizing consciousness to your inner Diamond. In Diamond Astrology you discover how to merge the Personal Self with the Essential Self to the holisitic being that you are to become again. It is a path of fascinating eyeopeners and offers indispensable tools to interpret the chart beyond the Personality. Your Essential Self is your True Self, the Core of your Being, which contains an immense unique Creative Force that yearns to be liberated. This process leads to Self Mastering, to Waking Up and to accelerate your shift to the 5D frequency in order to become the conscious Creator of your own life.









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