• Letting go – a feature of the Shift

Do you also know people in your surroundings who are forced to make choices? Maybe yourself?

It is very likely that in this period of time you have to give up some or more certitudes and that you are forced to take a completely new path. You have to say goodbye to people or situations and that is not always an easy thing to do. Some people can say goodbye more easily than others.

In this time of transition you get the opportunity to build up your life much more from your own authenticity. The Shift has a strong influence on us. It pulsates to bring out your Essential Self. This can cause breaking points in your personal life. Exactly where there are situations in your life that block your Essential Self. Situations where you adapted yourself at the expense of your authenticity.

When you have to make a choice and you find it difficult to say goodbye to something or someone, then put yourself the following question: does this something or someone that you will have to let go make you really happy? Does it give you really satisfaction. Or do you have to bend over backwards to maintain the situation?

Put yourself this question deep inside and allow yourself to give your intuition the answer …. not your ratio! Thinking may last long and your intuition know the answer instantly. It is important that you are completely honest. ‘Does something or someone that you have have to let go make you really happy?’ If the answer to this question is ‘no’ then accept it. What happens next is that you will get feelings and imaginations. Follow them and become aware of them.

Try to realize that if you cannot let go is rooted in a pattern that you have lived up to for a long time, but that does not really fit you anymore. It does not make you happy. It keeps you captured.

When you become aware of this then it will be easier to allow yourself to let go. Simply start with it in your mind. In this way you create more space inside. Because of this space you will now attract new energy and therefore you have made an opening to attract new situations from the outside world. Your energyfield changes because you have changed your mind, your thoughts. The outside world click on this automatically and very naturally because you have changed your mind. What you transmit comes back to you!

It may be very subtle but also major signals that may now come to you. Now it is important that you become aware of that! Become aware of different reactions of people en new possibilities that will come your way. Try and focus on these new vibrations and connect with them when you find them of value. Trust the new energy that you have allowed to come your way by letting go in peace and harmony. Pick from it what may be of importance to you. It may start with something small. Do not expect miracles when you start. The best is to have no expectations at all. In this dynamics something is expected especially from you: that you are aware of the new signals, that you trust them and do something with it.