The shift – transition from the old to the new energy

The shift is the transition from the old to a new earth. This shift is happening both on a global and on an individual level. The transition started in 2008 with the financial crisis and will last till 2021. During this length of time the world will find itself in an acceleration of transformation and change. A world shaking to its foundations. Old energy opposite new energy, old patterns and structures opposite new patterns and structures, old belief systems opposite new spirituality. A time span of great intensity, fierceness, confusion, pain and chaos. This does not imply that by the year 2021 the world will be in peace and quiet. It implies that during this period of time you will have an accelerated and intensified possibility to change.

The third dimension – the old world

The old world is vibrating on the level of the third dimension. The dimension of the old matrix. In this matrix you and I were born as a little child. A child that met with pain already at an early age. There is hardly any child on the planet that has not experienced pain, even though it was not intended by the parents. This pain you and I and every child had to find a way out. Each of us invented something particular in this context. Perhaps you started to swallow up things and you learned to keep your mouth shut, or perhaps you excell in avoiding pain and are very good at analysing but not experiencing your feelings, or perhaps you know very well how to hurt another first before he can hurt you, or maybe you feel just helpless and think you can only realize something with the help of others. Or it is possible that you developed a special talent to pretend that everything is okay but inside you are afraid and yearn for love. With all these masks we enter the world and thus we transmit wrong signals which of course result in the fact that we do not get what we so deeply long for.

The old devil in disguise

All things considered the world is dominated by the pain of our inner child. There are more than 6 billion children. Children that live in full-grown bodies and who have become either the offender or the victim on their way to assumed happiness and fulfilment. Life in the third dimension means that you project your inner world to the outside world without being aware of it. It means that you hold others responsible for your pain and unfulfilment. If the other does not give it to you then judgements, reproach, disappointment or revenge will be the consequences. Many books have been written and many films have been made on this issue. These consequences are more than evident on a global level. The violence, wars, abuse of power, hunger and misery are the result of it. The old matrix may also still be more or less dominant in your own personal life. In fact it is the old devil in disguise… This old devil knows how to seduce the yearning and tormented child in ourselves in a cunning way and to keep it asleep and put it on wrong tracks.

The fourth dimension – an individual birth process

The transition gives you the opportunity to wake up from the pain of the old matrix. For some people this appears to be not a voluntary choice and for some it is. The transition can put you into circumstances in which you are forced to make a choice. To wil have to let go of situations or relations that in fact do not belong to you. Often these are choices that will make you aware of the way you deal with pain and unfulfilment. It is the intention that you hold yourself reponsible for that and not someone else. That means that you go the way to personal maturity. You are personal mature when you hold no one responsible for your life circumstances except yourself. Not even your parents. That is of course not an easy thing to do. Some people find it really difficult. But yet it is the way to get awareness because it implies a challenge to aquire full insight in the contexts, backgrounds and hidden modifications of your actual life situation. Once you get insight in this you will also see the fullness your own part in it and therefore you may start to accept your life the way it is now. That may change your position. From victim to creator. And that will immediately change your life.

Therefore the transition is an accelerated yourney through a time tunnel for each person. It is an individual birth process from the third to the fifth dimension. The third dimension is the dimension of the old world, the fourth dimension is the yourney through the transition tunnel to become aware of yourself in every aspect and your life circumstances and discover what part you have in that. The fifth dimension will be discussed in the last paragraph.

From your first physical birth to your second essential birth

So it is obvious that in the journey through the transition tunnel you will have to work hard on yourself. You will have to face all sorts of aspects of yourself, of your inner world and also of your outer world. It will become more and more difficult to keep up masks, to play a role that does not fit you, to maintain a relationship that is not in tune with your soul, to be untruthful. The transition pulsates you to your deepest and truest Self. On this journey you are challenged to face you own shadow. The hidden part of yourself that you might not like to face but at the same time is the cause of misunderstandings, pain and unfulfilment. It takes courage to face parts of your shadow. But then again … courage is one of the values of the new world. In this transition tunnel it is also required that you clean negative parts of yourself and transform them. It is the intention to purify your personality as much as possible. At the same time you liberate yourself from negative parts and thus you create space. Space for your Essential Self. You will get immediate insight in your Essential Self by knowning your Cosmic Code. A session may help you in this. (see also the slide of the Cosmic Code)

The fifth dimension – the new world

A new earth will not suddenly fall down from heaven. A new earth starts with you. It is up to you and me to bring our journey through the transition tunnel to a good end. The beautiful and moving gift in all this is that we are being helped by angels and other beings of the universe. In fact the Shift is a historic experiment to a new world, a co-creation between mankind and spiritual beings. The new energy has become available from the year the Shift started for those who make their journey through the transition and succeed to tune in to its higher frequency, higher than the old 3 dimensional frequency. The new energy is 5 dimensional. A frequency of spaciousness, of love, of being awakened and purified. When you connect more and more with the fourth and fifth dimension you will become less receptive for what takes place on 3D level at the same time. The key is within you and on your journey through the time tunnel to your second birth – essential life in love and spaciousness.