By Monique Leurink

From 7 to 13 August 2016  –  The Portal of Manifestion empowers you  -!

Lion and the Lamb


The Lion’s Gate

Right now in this period – from 7 to 13 August 2016 the zodiacal Leo energy is manifested much stronger than ever before. Why may this be important for you?

It means that with this exceptional wave of energy that is manifested now through the Lion’s gate you may experience the power and courage of the royal and mighty sign of Leo.

Galactic power-shot

This energy may help you in your personal life to take decisions and make steps that you were afraid to make until now. This galactic power-shot may help you. In this time of transition we are being helped by millions of heavenly beings who are assisting us to raise our frequency and to step out of negative situations.

Now this manifestation wave from the cosmos can help you more than ever.

From victim to creator

Is there a situation in your life where you feel a victim? Then this could be the time to step out of it. When you experience yourself as a victim in some situation then probably you may have get used to it and given up the idea of liberating yourself. ‘It is the way it is, you cannot change it …etc.’

But in fact it is not the situation that makes you a victim, it is the way that you view the situation. And without knowing it, you have developed a fixed conviction of your role in that situation. It is as it is, so indeed, nothing will change.

You radiate what you believe

Perhaps you do not realize that you are transmitting your conviction in non-verbal language. Without saying one word, you transmit it by your energy. The language of energy is much stronger than the language of words. You not only believe in your conviction but you are also radiating it! So when you hold on to your conviction then people in your surroundings will automatically respond to it. They will join you in your conviction by radiating your energy back to you. They respond – consciously or unconsciously – to your energy-field. Thus without intending it they are reinforcing you even in your victim role!

The power within 

People who want to dominate others have this desire because they do not have power over themselves. Also the victim has a lack of inner power, otherwise he would not have come into a victim role. So if you find yourself in such a dynamics then find out where someone who dominates you is lacking inner power. Then find out for yourself where you give your power away. View the situation from several perspectives.

Step out of the dynamics

When you just start to view yourself differently in the situation and are prepared to release your conviction then your energy-field will immediately change. Meditate on any situation where you are an offender or a victim for you will discover there is a lack of inner power in either position. Give it back where you took it or take it back where you gave it away. The self-consciousness, the courage and the warm heart of this Leo energy wave will help you!