Yesterday I drove in Holland together with my brother in a beautiful night. And there suddenly she showed herself: a majestic Full Moon!
We were both in great awe as if we had to bow for her most impressive appearance of this queen of the night.
The position of this full moon is in the perigeum. She finds herself now at the closest distance from earth. Therefore she is so bright and much larger than the full moons we usually see. So now she is a SuperMoon.
full-moon full-moon-2
The full moon is now in Aries opposite the Sun in Libra. What will be her influence? You may use her powerful Aries energy, together with the quality of being a SuperMoon to start new projects this month. If you want to accomplish something that you have already been wanting for some time, then do it now. Go out, be adventurous, take initiatives, do not doubt, take ferm decisions. And if you are still doubting, then remember: it does not really matter WHAT you decide, it matters what you DO with your decision.
This beautiful new moon may be the trigger of starting new issues in your life on any field. In doing so be assertive, be clear, stand for what you do with passion because that will ignite the fire in others and they will respect you for that. The fire of Aries is the first fire in the Zodiac. Aries brings the whole Zodiac to life. This will be of influence the whole month (from October 16th). By being ferm, courageous and straightforward you can make the most of things you want to realize. The more so because it is a perigeum full moon, which means that you can materialize and realise your dreams more easily.
Happy SuperMoon to you!!! (the first photo was downloaded from internet, the second I took myself yesterday)