On November 14th the Supermoon will shower us with beautiful, loving, peaceful Taurus energy. This Super Moon is one of the rarest since decades and will show herself as an exquisite queen of the night. This Moon will be 14% bigger and 30% brighter than the ordinary Full Moons! And she will be 46000 km or 28500 miles closer to Earth.



Every sign has its lower and higher qualities. With this Moon you may benefit from the most beneficial qualities of Taurus, such as love, beauty, art, nature, joy, peace, solidity and feeling safe and grounded. This is the time to integrate it into your life. Be aware that what you wish, do or think now may have a long-term effect!


The Moon in Taurus is exalted. That means that the Moon feels at its best here in Taurus. With this exalted position you may expect that this Night Queen will now generously give the best of her Moon qualities to you.


A Full Moon that appears in your dreams indicates that your wishes come true. This Supermoon can make your dreams come true as well. So meditate on what you want to realize in your life. Don’t sit only there passively and wait what this Supermoon has in store for you. You can do something yourself too to make the most of this energy. Go and meditate on the 14th November and communicate together with her what you want to change, to receive or to activate in our life. Remember that you are the creator of your own life and use the beautiful and loving energy of this Supermoon because she wants to give it to you.


Women with the Moon in Taurus are usually very beautiful. Why? Because of the exalted position. Therefore the feminine energy is expanded with beautiful Venus feautures. Venus rules Taurus and now we may all benefit from the love energy that will shower on us.

You may use this energy to bring more love into your relationship. Feel what really lives in your heart and what you really wish to receive from your parter. Become aware where you still act out of conditioned patterns in your relationship. They will not give you any fulfillment, because these patterns do not reflect what lives in your heart. Release them and ask this Supermoon to connect you with the true desires in your heart and have the courage to speak them out and share them with your partner. Discuss with your partner his or her conditioned patterns and help your partner to release them too. Then ask the Supermoon to bring in the pure Venus energy and to connect this energy in both your hearts. This will reinforce your relationship tremendously.

If you are not in a relationship then this may be very well the time to get one. Watch out what you wish because it may really come true!


On 31 October we had a Void New Moon in Scorpio that was exactly opposite this Supermoon in Taurus. So there is a relation between the influence. On 31st October the New Moon was at the largest distance from Earth in her apogee. At that time you may have experienced that shadow parts of yourself came to the surface and that this Void Moon was a good opportunity to release unconscious dynamics that kept you stuck.

Hillary Clinton has her Sun on the 7th degree in Scorpio and this Void Moon was conjunct her Sun. From that time her campaign collapsed caused of all the secrets that she tried to hide. She definitely did not release her shadow parts and that may turn against her. Remember that Scorpio can become its own greatest enemy when he does not transform the darkness inside.

But for us in general this New Moon on 31st of October in Scorpio was a good time to dive within, clean and release and come up to the surface again.

Now, with this Supermoon in Taurus you may create a new healthy basis in your life. New ground from which you may benefit in many fields of your life and feel inner peace.


Full moons bring larger-than-usual tides and Supermoons bring the highest tides of all. Each month, on the day of the full moon, the moon, Earth and the sun are aligned, with Earth in between. This line up creates wide-ranging tides, known as spring tides.

This may also stir up the emotional waters in you. If your Moon is powerful in your chart then you will feel this influence even stronger. Be sure to direct a positive focus on everything you do, think or wish. Because then this Moon will mirror it back to you in a positive way. You can decide how exciting and thrilling your inner spring tide will be!


This Taurus Moon will reinforce the connection with your physical body. You can use this Supermoon to eat the food that is really good for you and that you enjoy too. Don’t take rigid diets. Go out in the beauties of nature, get enough sleep and cherish your senses.

With this Supermoon you may very well live up to the 11th Commandment: Though shalt enjoy! A very good way to feel comfortable in your body.


This Taurus energy will reinforce the practical part of anything you do in your life. If you are in chaotic circumstances in your house then now is the time to re-organize your home. Clean the dust and put everything in a place that really feels comfortable for you. There is no zodiacal sign that can make you feel more sound, safe and secure at home and on planet Earth than Taurus. Fill your house with Venus love, beautiful flowers and works of art that make you feel good.

Be sure that you are comfortable in the place where you live and sleep. This place must give you the energy to do your daily work so now is the time to create a safe and sound haven.


If your financial affairs need an overhaul then do it now. And if you have been thinking of asking for a rise because you deserve it then this Supermoon may help you. Use your imagination how to create more wealth in your life and ask this Taurus Moon to co-create with you.


Taurus is the first Earth sign. If you have difficulty with grounding then this is the time to get your feet firmly on the ground. Remember that you came here with your unique and special intention. The more you are grounded the better you can manifest your intention and give it to the world.


Are you making a career and want to realize a project? Be sure that you create a solid basis for what you want and pay attention to the practical parts. Be more down-to-earth, practical and grounded in everyting you do. Show patience, peacefullness and determination and this Supermoon will send it back to you at a time that only she knows. Do not block yourself with your own expectations but have an open mind and allow yourself to be surprised.

Every person has a Supermoon and a Void Moon in his chart that gives very detailed information. We are specialized in interpreting this the chart, together with the metaphysical Sun and the Diamond.