FULL MOON 13/14 DECEMBER 2016 – LAST SUPERMOON                     by Monique Leurink

Clarity – new vision and perspecetive – releasing – shift in consciousness- new starts.

In the past three months we had a series of Supermoons and on 13/14 December we will have the last Supermoon in Gemini which makes an opposition with the Sun in Sagittarius. The next Supermoon will be on 25 Nov 2034, so you will have to wait for another 18 years. 2016 is a year that had a series of Supermoons and Void Moons and this does not take place very often! These special Moons can bring much illumination in your life and can accelerate shifts in your consciousness. Each Void Moon is a time of introspection and becoming aware of parts in your life that do not belong to your True Self. Where you have released parts of your life during the Void Moons of this year, the Supermoon that follows it is the a time of harvesting the fruits of the new paths that you now embrace. These Void Moons have served as a tool for cleaning, purifying, introspection and releasing, so you can create a clean and new basis to welcome 2017.

This Supermoon will be highly charged with energy, also because of the rectangel configuration. Those who are sensitive to lunar energy will experience it even stronger and sometimes the emotional waves will run high.

This Supermoon will on the one hand stir up emotions like the rising waves of an ocean and will affect various fields in your life. On the other hand this last Supermoon will bring you the clarity and illumination what you have been working on for the past months of this year. With this Supermoon in Gemini – a sign that symbolizes the mental mind and thoughts – it may now become clear in your head what steps you have to take in the near future. This Gemini Moon is much emphasized and will it not only have an impact on you thoughts but also on your convictions. It opposes the Sun that is conjunct Saturn. This may very well be the cause that old convictions that block you will now come to the surface so you can release them. You can now come to a new way of viewing your life, seeing it with other eyes, new eyes since you created space for it. After this Supermoon the tendancy to release will weaken more and more. So now it is a great time to bring clarity and create order in your life. A time to throw away all that is in fact a burden to you but that you still kept in your life because you got used to it. This Supermoon will help you to open your eyes and see that what has become useless.

2016 Has not been an easy year for many of us. Many of us had to take important decisions and say goodbye to situations that block our self love and True Self. 2017 will be a year of new beginnings in more than one way. In numerology 2017 is 1 which also points at a new start. So why not get the broom and make it a big spring clean, although it is December. Get yourself ready to welcome the new energy of 2017 and make new starts!

2017 is a year where you can decide more easily what you want to experience and what you want to create. You will be much more connected with your creative abilities.

Why don’t you use these last two weeks of this year, with the Supermoon that marks them, as a time to transcend everything that no longer serves your purpose and soul? The better you can make a fresh start in 2017. Pluto – the transformer and intensifyer – is conjunct Mercury – the communicator and mental connector -. This conjunction may very well help you to focus deep within and use your eyes as X-rays to see what situations in your life really mirror your True Self? Mercury will be retrograde on the 19th of December 2016 till the 8th of January 2017. This will help you to direct your thoughts inward and get more in touch with your Essence and fullest potential. There you hold the divine source of your creativity. A source deep within that yearns to be liberated and that you can now bring much more to expression.

The rectangel will activate all the planets that are part of the configuration and charge it with extra energy. This will give you the possibility to go through a new, higher portal that may cause a shift in your consciousness. But before that you need to purify. Pay attention what will come to the surface with this Full Moon. The waves will rise from deep within you. Why don’t you welcome them? Why don’t you create a Tipi in your imagination – a tent where the native American people would withdraw for introspection – and be quiet there? Go on your inner journey and make rituals of what you want to bury inside, to release and say forever farewell. And also reflect on the new starts your want to make. Be nice and loving to yourself. Make an adventure of it. We all live in this awesome time of Shift and Transition. Honour yourself that you are making another step with this Supermoon.

I am not an astrologer that will join the thousands of astrological forecasts on money, luck, work and love. With Diamond Astrology the focus is within and on your emotional and spiritual growth. And no video this time because of a lack of time. In 2017 though you may expect more videos with the focus on Diamond Astrology. I wish you an inspiring Supermoon! Monique Leurink