Monique Leurink has an experience of more than 40 years in guiding, coaching, teaching and training people. 

As an expert in the field she runs an international and officially approved training institution, established in the Netherlands, that has grown out to an international level since 2016.

Concepts that cover her work are unlocking the unique potential, bringing people to their true passion, empowering the creative potential and unfolding the unique Soul’s purpose. Running a business is one, but PEOPLE are the real potential to make it a success. 

In 2005 she founded  Luna Negra training institution 

In 2012 she founded Zintobeing – Transition Trainer – 

In 2016 she founded Monique Leurink Diamond Astrology 

As a personal and business coach she has the gift to bring clarity, to inspire and empower you, to lead you to becoming the Creator of your own life. During sessions she connects with you on the level of your soul to bring up your creative potential while she ‘reads’ you. In the course of all her trainings, studies and experience she has developed a GOLDEN KEY that she uses in her work as a highly efficient instrument.

Monique lives and works both in the Netherlands (Amsterdam) and in the Cathar Country of Southern France. She gives readings, sessions, trainings, lessons, lectures and workshops in France, The Netherlands, Belgium, Spain and the USA.  She is Dutch from origin and speaks French, English, German, Dutch fluently.


Het Individuele Scheppingsproces is only available via this website.

Price € 25,00

Het Individuele Scheppingsproces (2009)


Nieuwe Bakens voor een Nieuwe Tijd (2014)