Did you know that the Black Moon and Lilith are not the same?

 Discover the whole truth of BlackMoonLilith in this


May 18 and 25

There are many misconceptions about BlackMoonLilith. This is your chance to bring clarity in BlackMoonLilith for once and for all. Why don’t you take this opportunity to experience the difference yourself? Here’s the main difference (and there are many more …)

THE BLACK MOON is the birthing process of your Cosmic Self

LILITH is the awakening process of the hidden feminine

This eyeopening workshop is given in two parts. Here’s what you will learn:

  • that the Black Moon and Lilith are two different concepts 
  • that these concepts are unique in you
  • to experience the differences yourself 
  • why these concepts have been mixed up
  • why it is so important to wake up to this in yourself as separate concepts

This is the opportunity to extend your knowledge of BlackMoonLilith

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         18th May   –  Part 1  –  THE BLACK MOON   $ 49 /€ 45


  • The Black Moon as a birthing process of your Cosmic Self
  • Why it is so important to wake up to this part in yourself
  • You will receive the unique interpretation of your Black Moon personally
  • How should you approach this process in yourself
  • Why the Black Moon is a most precious treasure in yourself
  • Remaining unconscious of this can lead to feelings of being stuck and captivity
  • Why the Black Moon comes forward especially in these days of awakening
  • Embrace your Cosmic Self as a lost and dormant part in yourself


          25th May   –  Part 2  –  LILITH, the Goddess  $ 49 /€ 45

  • LILITH, the feminine power, and first wife of Adam
  • EVE, the feminine love, and second wife of Adam
  • The three faces of Lilith – in women and in men – 
  • The three faces of Eve – in women and in men –
  • Meditation to bring out the unique Lilith and Eve in you 
  • Bring awareness of the dynamics of Lilith and Eve in you
  • Learn to recognize this dynamics in others
  • Learn to get the best of out this dynamics
  • Apply this to improve love and passion in your  relationships 


      PRACTICAL INFORMATION                         

  • Online workshop
  • You will be able to attend the workshop at your own time on the specific day.
  • Day 1    –   18th May    $ 49   €  45
  • Day 2   –    25th May    $ 49   €  45
  • After subscribing we send you a follow-up mail
  • We will request you to send us your birth data after signing up
  • You will receive the unique interpretation of your Black Moon position after Day 1
  • Total cost in one term: $ 98 / € 90
  • Payment in two terms: additional cost $ 5 / € 4
  • Registration closes on May 16 in view of the preparation
  • Sign up soon to reserve your spot.  HERE’S THE LINK


DID YOU KNOW …  that the Black Moon is one of the 8 luminaries in Diamond Astrology? And that the Black Moon is one pole of the Lunar Axis? And part of a quartet of luminaries? And part of the Cosmic Birth Channel? And that it represents a very important process of the most precious part in yourself? This is the moment to abandon all misconceptions about the Black Moon!

This workshop was originally created by Monique Leurink. She is an expert in both the Black Moon and Lilith. She has written a book about the birthing process (still in translation)