The Forecast of 2017 was a great success! All the 13 astrologers did a great job and inspired many people all over the world. Thank you very much for watching! For me personally it was an unforgettable experience! Many listeners want to know more about Diamond Astrology. And right they are! Diamond Astrology has such beautiful treasures and it will certainly enrich you to learn more about it!

                        Therefore we organise a FREE Webinar on 4 February 2017 –

                                             ‘Special Mission and Diamond Astrology’

Special Mission regarding what? We all know that we live in a time of Ascension and Awakening. Awakening to your Essential Self.

In order to find your OWN way in these shifting times and keep a straight back it is important that you don’t get lost in the 3D world of confusion and violence. Remember that I had been talking about the acceleration of the Seperation of Worlds during the Forecast? These are the seperation of the 3D, 4D and 5D worlds You will learn more at the Webinar! One way to stay connected with yourself is to know more about your Special Mission.

                                                          FREE WEBINAR – 60 – 90 min.

                                               Special Mission and Diamond Astrology

                                                               4 FEBRUARY 2017

                     20.00 hr/ 8 pm         CET      (Central European Time) Amsterdam, Paris
                                    2 pm                EST      (Eastern Standard Time) New York, Toronto/Canada
                                    8 am                NZDT    (New Zealand Daylight Time) Auckland, Wellington
                                    11 am               PST      (Pacific Standard Time) Los Angeles, Seattle
                                    9 am                HST      (Hawaiin Standard Time) Hawai
                                    4 am                JST       (Japanese Standard Time) Tokyo


  •  What is the ‘Special Mission?”
  •  Why is the ‘Special Mission’ an important issue in Diamond Astrology?
  •  Why is the ‘Special Mission’ related to Waking Up?
  •  Why is Diamond Astrology a perfect guide to align yourself with the 5D?                                                  
  •  What exactly do these 3rd, 4th and 5th Dimensions imply? Very   fascinating!
  •  How can you recognize and integrate this in your daily life as a beginner,and advanced student or as an astrologer?

                                     This Webinar is also a PREVIEW of

                                 the Diamond Astrology ONLINE COURSE

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WEBINAR  – By Zoom (you will receive our invitation 1 or 2 days before the Webinar)

LANGUAGE WEBINAR – English. In the last 10 minutes you have time to put questions. 

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