The Metaphysical Luminaries of Diamond Astrology


The Sun and the Moon are the two major heavenly bodies in the chart. Without these luminaires it is not possible for the rest of the planets to take root. In the field of the Metaphysical Luminaries both the Sun and the Moon are derived from the elliptical orbit of the Sun (from our perspective Earth) and the Moon. This gives access to who we are beyond our personality – our Essential Self.


• Link for the Ephemeris of the Metaphysical Luminaries:                                                 (Positions from 12.05 pm till 12.05 pm. From left to right: Mean Black Moon – Osculating Black Moon – Priapus – Black Sun – Diamond/ The last two columns are the positions of Persephone and Vulcanus but these will not be discussed since they are not part of the Metaphysical Luminaries) Have some patience with uploading …



  1. Lunar Axis – Black Moon and Priapus
  2. Solar Axis – Black Sun and Diamond

      NODAL CROSS                                                                                                                                                         3. Nodal Axis – South Node (Dragon’s tail) and North Node (Dragon’s head)                                4.  Axis of Extremes – Dragon and Beast


Each axis represents a process in a person’s life. A process in the evolution of the Essential Self.


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Module 1 – the Lunar Axis

From the traditional astrology the Moon is known as a heavenly body with her various phases such as New Moon, the First and Last Quarter, Full Moon and the phases in between. These phases are visible in the sky by the varying positions between Sun, Moon and Earth. We know them as the Moon-phases. In the traditional astrology we are used to interpret only these phases where it concerns the Moon.
With the Metaphysical Luminaries we make use of another feature of the Moon’s orbit; the elliptical orbit. In this orbit the Moon reaches her furthest distance from Earth – the Metaphysical Moon – and a distance in which she is closest to Earth – Priapus -.
Both these points in the elliptical Moon-cycle give important information of the Essential Self.

Module 2 – the Solar axis

Like the Lunar Axis (Black Moon and Priapus), the Solar Axis (Black Sun and Diamond) too represents a life process of expanding consciousness of our Essential Self. The Black Moon is the solar Moon of our higher self, the Black Sun is the lunar Sun of our higher self. Both represent an important theme how to transcend the boundaries of the personality and start to experience ourselves as creative cosmic beings. The path from the Black Sun to the Diamond is highly topical in this time of shifting from the old 3D world to the 5D new energy. The more we purify ourselves from old conditioned lunar energy and start to live from our divine inner core – The Black Moon – the more we open up to make our inner Diamond shine into this world. The Solar Axis is an enriching astrological guide on this path.

Module 3 – the Nodal Cross

The Axis of Extremes is an extension of the Nodal axis. Thus we come to a full understanding of the total of the Nodal Cross: North Node, South Node, Dragon and Beast. The North Node represents our personal life purpose, the South Node is our inherited packsack. The core creation of life consists of two poles that attract each other like magnets in a perpetual evolutionary dance: energy (or consciousness) and matter. The Beast and the Dragon represent energy and matter respectively, each working to extremes in a process from primal energy to perfect form. Dragon and Beast are immediately connected with the North and South Node. Together with the South and North Node they form the total of the Nodal Cross. The Nodal Cross is an indispensable tool to combine the Lunar and Solar Axis and will give the fuller picture of Diamond Astrology that consists of Four Cosmic Axes: Lunar Axis, Solar Axis, Nodal Axis and the Axis of Extremes. The four poles of the Nodal Cross, as an evolutionary process to master matter, ánd the four poles of the Solar and Lunar Axes, to birth divine consciousness, offer a brilliant combination to interpret the chart to a 5D level.

Module 4 – Fusing Diamond and Traditional Astrology

In these lessons you will learn to combine the 9 principles of Diamond Astrology: Black Moon, Priapus, Black Sun, Diamond, North Node, South Node, Dragon, Beast and the Part of Fortune. Also you will learn to fuse these principles with the traditional chart. We will include Chiron and Pluto and the progressions and transits of the Metaphysical Luminaries.

90 degrees further from the North Node we can locate the Dragon. 90 degrees further from the South Node we locate the Beast. The total of these four principles – North Node, Dragon, South Node and Beast form the Node Cross.

Pars Fortunae

The Pars Fortunae is the result of the combined distances between Sun, Moon, Earth and the Ascendant. The formula is Ascendant + Moon -Sun = Pars Fortunae.
The Pars Fortunae is the ninth spiritual principle that forms a bridge between Earth and the universe.


Each of the nine spiritual principles is located in one of the twelve houses and one of the twelve zodiacal signs. These principles can form mutual aspects, not only with each other, but also with the planets, the house-cusps, etc. The nine spiritual principles should always be interpreted in combination with the contents of the traditional chart.
Furthermore it must be stated that five of the nine spiritual principles will become of influence in the thirties or forties of a person’s life. These are the Metaphysical Moon, the Diamond, North Node, Dragon and the Pars Fortunae.

Each of these principles is derived from the Sun and the Moon, the two main luminaries in the chart. So they are derived issues and therefore they are no visible planets. None of the nine spiritual principles is a palpable heavenly body that is visible in the cosmos.


The Metaphysical Luminaries can be considered as a newly evolving spiritual science. This new expertise in astrology is a in fact the new cosmic dimension in the birth chart that goes beyond the personality. It can locate in detail a persons unique spiritual path: The Path of the Soul, the Cosmic Code, the Essential Self and processes to the Inner Diamond.