This unique Journey was given in 2018 for the first time with great success. The Journey was sold out at that time .. . The Journey is a series of 9 eyeopening playful lessons given in blocks of 3 lessons. 

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A Journey to your Essential Self a unique online journey – a waking-up adventure – with your Diamond Astrology chart as a golden guide. After 40 years of practical experience Diamond Astrologer Monique Leurink has created a unique method to ignite what became dormant in you when you were a child – your Essential Self and your Essential Talent. A playful, practical, joyful and eyeopening adventure.



What people say:

‘I am LOVING the Journey to the Essential Self. You are a wonderful teacher and your imagery and lessons are taking me deeper at a time when it’s just what I need. It’s a great support for life’s journey.’  Kathy K.   July 2018 

‘I just find it so beautiful, Monique, that your classes are in complete parallel to what I feel I am going through right now and whenever I have asked for help with guidance on emotions, purpose and connection for example your lessons end up covering them and just the right moment. The synchronicity is beautiful and has helped me in the process of connecting to my higher self again as I process my emotions. This course has been so powerful that I cannot imagine going through the process of reconnecting with my higher self in any other way! May you shine the light for many more beautiful “Universes”.  Nisha J.  June 2018 

‘Amazing, I feel like I am traveling thru dimensions, back and forth and back and forth.At least this is with more awareness.’   Carol R.  June 2018 

‘Your course fills a void in my life. I leave filled with your wisdom.’   Anne M.  June 2018 

‘Just fabulous!  Many more layers to joyfully explore! Thank you!’   Merryman C.  June 2018 

I wanted to take a moment to send you a special thank you for this course.Taking this course, and “meeting” you has been more supportive to me as I go through this difficult time than I ever could have imagined. Even though you are far away and you and I don’t know each other personally, I have felt lovingly mentored by you during these ten weeks. You have a way about you (I see how you have evolved so much to 5D) that fed my soul in a deep and nourishing way.’   Mary M.  July 2018 

‘I wanted to share that I experience my Essence flowing through me, when I hear you speaking, whether live or listening to one of the recordings. This is such a blessing for all of us! You are supporting us in coming into resonance with our Essential Self frequency. Thank you for sharing your Essence with the world!! <3′  Liz. G.  July 2018

‘Thank you, Monique for this deep way to find the essence inside, this fits me like “the hand in the glove” I am so happy I signed up for this course!’  Karen A.    June 2018 

‘Thank you, Monique, for this exceptional class. I am finding so many aspects of myself that I had overlooked or ignored, especially the passage through my Cosmic Birth Channel’ .  M.M  July 2018 

‘I loved the presentation of the sessions. Especially the advise not to be too serious, as I have a tendency to over analyze.’   Belinda H.  July 2018 

‘What a journey through this amazing course done by Monique. I still need to integrate these messages and I will go through the full courses again just by meditation. So far I catch it on a mental level and I can see this reality but I will need to connect it now by the heart in order to open the door wider and wider. I am so sad that the course is already over.’    Eveline L.  July 2018 

‘It has been a very interesting journey and it is a journey that keeps going to grow and be more aware and more loving in everything I do. I revisit the lessons and each time I do so I pick up something that I had missed originally . It is a beautiful experience every time.’  Johanne P.   June 2018 

‘This Journey touched me deeply. Monique Leurink is an amazing teacher and her work has been life changing for me.’   Carol S.   June 2018 

‘It was as if each word had a sound and my cells and soul felt enveloped in so much tenderness and love.“Be Playful” Monique you demo mastery so well. So much Gratitude for this group and the powerful emotions and insights! Much Love!’   Lori L.  June 2018 

‘Yes, I found the classes powerful and this mostly has to do with Monique’s way of communicating esoteric information so well and in such an advanced capacity! The sessions always left me with a greater understanding and yearning for moving into 5D consciousness.’   Lynn C.  July 2018 

Such an amazing course! I enjoyed every minute of it!’   Mel R.  July 2018