Zintobeing Transition Training

  • Guidance to your divine source of wisdom
  • Awakening your essence
  • Processing your essential talent
  • Awakening your deepest passion
  • Ignating your creativity
  • Integrating cosmic awareness


The course Transition Trainer gives you practical and concrete tools to guide others on their individual path to the new energy. At the same time you start your own process too. That is a true and fantastic adventure!

The first decades of your life are marked by your personal development. The next decades herald a new phase – starting to live from essence, the path to cosmic consciousness. That is the beginning of your essential development.

Your essential development is just as unique as your personal development. Zintobeing hands

unique and concrete tools to activate your personal transition with playfulness, pleasure and joy. You will discover who you are in essence. By doing so your natural creativity will wake up. You will discover that this potential is as infinite as the universe itself. This potential has been captivated inside for a long, long time. Opening the source is a true liberation. This will activate your creativity and passion.

Transformation by activating the Cosmic Code

Zintobeing has developed an instrument that makes the access to your natural creativity and essence more practical and concrete – the Cosmic Code. Learning how to handle this tool is part of the training.

A two-fold born person implies that you are meant to be born twice

The first 3 decades in your life are marked by building up a personality. This happens generally out of adaptation and survival. Having become a mature adult, usually by your  mid-thirties, it is time for your second birth – born from essence. This is the birth of a new part of yourself that has been asleep since you were a child. Being born from essence means to wake up that part. A new birth also implies vulnaribility. Therefore this birth needs guidance, safety and love. Just like your personal development is a process that has its specific phases, so too does your essential development.

Phases of essential development

The training is focussed on the phases of your essential development.  During the training you will learn more about the phases and also to determine in what phase you may find yourself in and to learn to recognize the phase of others.

Activating the Cosmic Code

During the training you learn to locate the Cosmic Code. Next you will learn how to activate the code. The Cosmic Code is a unique concept for each person. One of the features is that it liberates the Genius inside. But also you will learn to trust your cosmic intelligence. Your have learnt to mistrust this intelligence during the first years of your childhood. Furthermore you learn how to create with your Cosmic Code. The Code is not a static concept. On the contrary! It bursts of creativity and wants to come to expression. Byyou. It yearns for liberation and expression.

Cosmic CodeThe supra intelligence of your Cosmic Code

Your Cosmic Code contains a supra intelligence. A knowledge beyond your ratio that differs from person to person. It is purely intuitive and connected with your heart, your soul, your mind and your cosmic genes. Since you learned as a young child that you know nothing and that everything has to be learned at school, you have started to mistrust or even to deny this knowledge. During the training you will learn to trust and believe yourself. This feels like really coming home and you will start to unite with your true self.

New Values

During the training you are being stimulated to embrace the new values. Living with love and from the heart, being creative, trusting fully your intuition, inspire, living with passion, having courage to say goodbye to old ways of life in favour of your authenticity, working with respect for yourself and others – these are some of the 30 new values to embrace.

Monique describes these values in her new book – Nieuwe Bakens voor een Nieuwe Tijd (to be translated)


Theme   –     the Cosmic Code

  • Module 1     Locating the cosmic code
  • Module 2     The shift from personality to essence
  • Module 3     Giving access to the supra intelligence of the cosmic code
  • Module 4     Recognizing the phases of essential development
  • Module 5     Expressing the potential creativity of the Cosmic Code


Theme     –    The path of the soul

Every person starts life from an attitude that is known. Viewing this from the principe of reincartion every person has aquired a way of approaching life that has become some sort of second nature. Not difficult to understand, since with this approach you have managed to deal with life. Being born you will automatically approach life with the same attitude – it has worked so far and you are familiar with it.

A point of saturation will emerge when during your forties or fifties this approach works less and less till a point of stagnation is reached. Then it is time to embrace a new approach. This means that you are willing to let go of patterns that no longer serve your transition process and that you are willing to set the first steps on the new path. The future path will emerge with every step you set on it. The unique past, present and future path can be easily located for each person.


  • Every training-day theoretical input in the morning.
  • In the afternoon practical exercises by means of individual and interactive trainings.
  • Powerpoint, films and video’s